Isometric 2D

I know there are several 2D engines/frameworks for Haxe, but are there any that have out of the box for Isometric or well documented libraries for isometric-2D design?

Something like this

Here’s a few links.

Yeah, these were the few I came across myself. They all seem pretty outdated (all of them almost 5 years old now) however, and HaxeFlixel has had breaking changes in the past IIRC.

If anyone comes across any more up-to-date libraries/repos let me know. I’ll look into these to see if they are still compatible with the latest of their target frameworks.

Away3D has OrthographicLens, which could be used for Isometric game, Away3d is pretty old now but tried and tested on millions of flash sites and applications and I think the OpenFL version is pretty complete should be fine for 2D isometric game, I think I have use that lens before. Loads of documentation if you don’t mind mentally transforming as3 to haxe code in your head. If Away3D OpenFL sets up easily and runs fast enough ( not done any recent experimentation ) for your needs I am sure it would be a good solution it’s nice to use with loads of features. Prefab an air app may also be of interest if still online for processing resources for away3d.

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