Is there a pro/con list for all the Haxe game engines/frameworks?

(Dave Thomas) #1

At the moment Im evaluating Heaps but Im wondering how it’s different to the other frameworks that are available, does anyone know of a pro/con list for what’s available for Haxe?

(Allan Dowdeswell) #2

Welcome Dave!
I am not a game developer but am an avid collector of Haxe info, so caveat emptor for the following. :wink: Anyone else feel free to correct me on anything.

The more popular and capable “batteries included” game engines today seem to be Heaps, HaxeFlixel, HaxePunk, Awe6. HaxeFlixel and HaxePunk require OpenFL which is great for someone with a Flash/AS3 background. HaxeFlixel has lots of sample code. Awe6 can use OpenFL, Pixi, and CreateJS to deliver. Evaluate each engine to see if it suits your coding style. There’s lots of other engines out there, which I have not tested. There’s also plenty of mix-and-match code options. Here is my collection of Haxe game links as of today. Some links are pretty old, sorry.

Heaps is a good choice if you ever want 3D, but there are lots of other Haxe and 3D options out there such as Away3d, Armory and even ThreeJS, Unreal and Unity. Each one has its own list of possible targets. Here is my collection of Haxe 3D links as of today. Another raw dump from Evernote—again sorry it’s not organised.

If you had a list of criteria for evaluation, it would be easier for anyone to provide commentary on how the engines compare. I hope this helps a little at least!

(Dave Thomas) #3

Thanks for the info Allan, Im not new to programming but I am new to haxe, essentially my experience is with F#/C# with MonoGame/XNA no flash related experience, so something that fits in that would be what I was looking for, mainly 2d for now as 3d means extending your reach into 3d modelling etc.

(Allan Dowdeswell) #4

You are welcome. For the record, this is my first time sharing Evernotes in this way; if anyone wants full access to click-thru on my lists, please send me your email address in a message, or request access using Evernote.