Is the docs for Compiler Services out of date?

I just read the Compiler Services about --display file@pos@mod, but found that the results I got were inconsistent with the document description.

I have listed the doubt below:

  • the character: "|" does not seem to work for test.
  • the result of Call argument completion looks the same as @toplevel.
  • It seems that more @modes are not listed, such as: diagnostics, type, package, resolve.
  • minor: -D display-details seems to no longer need to be added.

Yes, not everything is documented, and some of the info is not up to date. In fact, nothing about the new JSNO-RPC display protocol that was added in Haxe 4 is documented in the manual. The type definitions for it are quite useful though:

In general, if you trying to add Haxe support to some editor, I would suggest looking into the language server protocol and using haxe-language-server which abstracts all that away instead of implementing the Haxe communication manually.