Is possible keep typedef info when compile to cs target or js?

Is it possible to keep typedef info when compiled to cs target or js?

when compiled all typedef types will lose.

and I don’t want to rewrite the same code at other target originally code .

typedef is a compile time only feature. So - no, it’s not possible to have it at runtime or in a target language.

and so

are there any easy way to save this infor to transfer to other language?

For the sake of it, you could mimic the conciseness of a typedef by defining a minimal class with just variables in it (let’s call it TypeDefLike). It would extend an empty class (let’s call it TDL) which is marked with an @:autoBuild in order for all it’s subclasses (in our case TypeDefLike) to be run through a macro.

In the macro you get all variable fields defined in TypeDefLike and make them public. Then you generate a constructor field taking a parameter for each variable and storing the values in its own properties. Lastly you mark the class with @:rtti and @:structInit metadata.

This way you can create an instance of the class the same way you instantiate a typedef and can access its type information at runtime. The drawbacks are that

  • you have some compile-time overhead (although negligible)
  • the class definition isn’t as concise as a typedef
  • you have some black magic going on in the code that’s not obvious

There’s a plus side too: you can provide default values for the variables, which you can’t do with a typedef.

Here’s an example Try Haxe !
It needs some modifications in order to compile as disallows mentioning macro-related stuff.