Is it possible to mirror

Now seems to be down and all our CI pipelines are stuck. What would you recommend for mirroring of the Haxe package repository? Probably we need only the packages used in our code.

Thank you for ideas!

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Thanks for the report. I’ve just bring the site back to normal and going to investigate what happened.

For CI/development stability, my personal approach is to build a docker container with all the dependency already installed, so there would be minimal network usage required after pulling the docker container.

Some people commit the project-local .haxelib folder into the git repo, you may also consider that.

hmmm… there is still something wrong with haxelib install, I’m checking now.

I think it’s normal now.

It was MySQL filled its 8Gi disk with its bin log, because the expire_logs_days default setting is 0 (i.e. keep all bin log forever). I’ve just resized the disk to 32Gi and set expire_logs_days to 1.

I will setup some more monitoring soon.

At Docler we’ve been using Caching proxy server by st3veV · Pull Request #365 · HaxeFoundation/haxelib · GitHub for ~5 years and it has worked quite fine so far. That said, we’re only using small dependencies. If you’re using libs above 1mb like openfl / lime / nme, then you’ll probably have to tweak a few sections a little.

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