Is it possible to connect to a SQL Server DB?

Is it possible to use existing libraries to connect to an MS SQL Server db? I was able to connect to and insert into a MySQL db using record-macros, not sure how to do the same with MSSQL.

Relatively new to databases (and Haxe) but from my understanding so far I would need an ODBC or JDBC implementation of some sort

I’m not sure about record macros, but just connecting and performing queries might be quite easy depending on a platform you target. E.g. if you are targeting php, you can use untyped code or write simple externs.
Which platform are you targeting?

Anything that runs on Windows Desktop or web browser.

I would prefer a desktop application though. (right now I’m using cpp)

How feasible do you think it would be to run two programs at once that are bridged with loopback protocol
PHP DB interface: connects to mssql db and performs SQL queries based on url parameters then converts the results into an array of typedefs then serializes the data and prints it.

A front end haxeui desktop application that uses http to fetch the serialized string from the file which is stored on localhost

Update: works rather well, not sure how what kind of security flaws this may produce though