Is it possible to call external Js function Like flash


I have a problem.
Our game has payment java script methods and this methods was called via interface.
but i can’t do the same using targeting html5

The java scripts payment methods was included during the runtime and the swf file was able to load and call it.

my question how could i include/ call dynamic java script class or function from the same domain ?

Thanks in advance

Let’s assume you have a function like this defined in JavaScript:

function someJavaScriptFunction(arg1, arg2) {
  alert(arg1 + ' hoho ' + arg2);

You could call it directly as untyped someJavaScriptFunction(1, 2).

Alternatively, you can define externs:

extern class External {
    static function someJavaScriptFunction(arg1:Int, arg2:Int):Void;

Then External.someJavaScriptFunction(1, 2) will be generated as window.someJavaScriptFunction(1, 2). You can adjust and expand this to fit your specific needs.

I tried that but I am always getting this error

Uncaught TypeError: window.GetProposedFriends is not a function

here is my class definition


 * ...
 * @author 1
extern class GetProposedFriends 

  static function GetProposedFriends():Void;

Also when I do Inspect Element I can the function there 

![Screen Shot 2020-12-17 at 3.11.15 PM|680x500](upload://xbQiWlzyeT05PKaHWeCXhCSTXnu.png)

Here’s a fully working example:

Difficult to say without more context. Apparently GetProposedFriends is not available from the global state. You should try to find a way to call GetProposedFriends from the devtools console and then adjust the Haxe code accordingly.

Thank you so much for your help.
Yea I am not able to call the script from dev tools but I could found it and call it when I do inspect
for some reason it’s hidden.

I found the issue, it was in the Iframe.
I need to build a communication protocol between the iframe and the external Java Scripts functions.

In case some one face the same problem here is the best example

Thanks and good luck

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