Intellij plugin

I was hoping to learn Haxe using my Intellij editor, but I see that the Haxe plugin is outdated and doesn’t work correctly. Is there a new version coming out soon? Or is there some workaround?

The workaround which I use is to install a second, older version of IntelliJ which I use only for Haxe – this seems to work without affecting my current version (I’m on OSX).
You can download older versions of IntelliJ from here: Other Versions - IntelliJ IDEA
I am using 2019.3.3 for Haxe.
Shame that the plugin development has stalled.

Just use visual studio code, IntelliJ have known about Haxe for over a decade yet it has always been a bad option for haxe language and there is no point expecting that to change in the next ten years.

Good suggestion. Using vscode now as suggested. A few quirks to get used to but good as gold (and it’s free).