Installing Hide IDE on Mac

Hello, I’m having some trouble getting the Hide IDE to run properly on mac.

I’ve followed the guide on the github repo:

But when I open nwjs, I get an application window titled HIDE, but it’s just a black screen with no apparent way to interact with it.

I think it may be an issue with how I set up nwjs so I’ll just recap what I did.

  1. Downloaded the SDK (v 0.61.0)
  2. Created a folder called nwjs inside hide/bin
  3. Copied the contents of nsjs into hide/bin/nwjs
  4. Copied all files and folder from hide/bin (except hide/bin/nwjs) into the hide/bin/nwjs/ (I had to create the app.nw folder)

That’s it. Does anyone have any idea what might have gone wrong? Thanks.