Initial release of grig.midi - midi support for haxe

I’m working on releasing a small set of libs that should help with audio applications, which I’m already using on making my own apps. Named after the musical cricket faeries from D&D. This is the first one for me to submit to haxelib (and my first ever submission to haxelib). It provides midi i/o for these targets:

  • c++
  • python
  • nodejs
  • html5/js

I’m working on adding more targets, as you can see in the documentation. It also has ability to read/write midi files and that works on all targets. Stay tuned for more releases of this and the other as-yet-unreleased grig libs. Let me know if you have any issues getting this working on your system. There’s a link to a gitter from the repos.

Oh one kind of huge caveat. You might need the absolute newest version of haxe for this - 4.0-rc.1

Haxelib Page
Repo on gitlab


This is very interesting! Looking forward to checking it out.

Just tried it out and was surprised to find that the MidiReader example actually works (had bad experience with MIDI-related software…). I had to change the port because my keyboard comes in at port 1, but after that it works as expected. Hacked around in the example file a bit to print what keys are being played:

C:\gitlab\grig.midi\examples\MidiReader>haxe build.hxml -cpp bin/cpp && bin\cpp\main.exe
haxelib run hxcpp Build.xml haxe -Dhaxe3="1" -Dhaxe4="1" -Dhaxe_ver="4.000" -Dhxcpp_api_level="400" -Dsource-header="Generated by Haxe 4.0.0-rc.1+063d148" -Dstatic="1" -Dtink_core="1.20.0" -Dutf16="1" -I"C:\\gitlab\\grig.midi\\examples\\MidiReader\\.haxelib\\tink_core/1,20,0/src/" -I"../../src/" -I"src/" -I"C:\\GitHub\\haxe\\extraLibs/" -I"" -I"C:\\GitHub\\haxe\\std/cpp/_std/" -I"C:\\GitHub\\haxe\\std/"
src/Main.hx:45: [WindowsMM]
src/Main.hx:68: [TASCAM US-122 MKII MIDI 0,USB MIDI Interface 1,Session_daw 2,Session_midi 3]
quit[enter] to quit
 0.00  on: C4(23)
 0.52  on: E4(23)
 1.09  on: G4(24)
 2.31 off: C4
 2.36 off: E4
 2.42 off: G4
 7.76  on: C5(29)
 8.41  on: G4(3)
 8.80 off: G4
 9.11  on: G4(33)
10.22  on: A4(27)
10.30 off: G4
10.42  on: G4(26)
10.53 off: G4
11.47  on: G4(27)
11.54 off: A4
11.62 off: C5
12.43 off: G4

Do you have plans to add an abstraction over MessageType so we don’t have to work with these byte values directly?

Now I want to write a chord detector because I’ve always wondered how one goes about that in an efficient manner.


Awesome! I have some code to get the notes in Haxe Grig / grig.pitch · GitLab I just haven’t finalized the interface or decided for sure if I want to keep these libs separate or not. But I might make it a static extension so that MidiMessage can return the note name.

Actually looking at that code it doesn’t give you the note name yet. That’s the easy part anyway. I was trying to decide how I want to represent the notes in a way that would also support non-western/non-midi scales.

Ah yeah, I suppose that makes it much trickier. Oh well, looking forward to what you’re gonna do with this!

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Congrats Thomas, this is exciting!

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Thats great. I was experimenting with a same thing lately, so understand/spice up my guitar theory. I like how you did those modes.

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Now we also have, support for directly talking to the soundcard. You might not need this if you just want to use your game engine’s audio support but this has more of the features you’d usually expect when actually making an audio application - the ability to query sound card capabilities and specify sampleRate, latency, etc. and a callback that provides any input and an output buffer to fill as well as timing information. Unlike grig.midi, it doesn’t have node.js support due to issues I was having with the portaudio wrappers there and trying to work around them cutting too much into time I had set aside for adding plugin format support. Let me know if you have issues using this!

Haxelib page
Repo on gitlab