IE11 issue - intermittent freeze when playing audio

I’ve got an HTML5 game made with haxe/flambe that occasionally freezes up in Internet Explorer 11 when trying to play sounds. Not specific sounds, but tends to happen just after loading a scene or at the end of a scene.

Working with flambe 4.1.0. All audio files are 48Kbps, 22,050 Hz, some mono, some stereo, in both mp3 and ogg to cover most platforms. Are there any known issues?

Any special error in console?

No, the console isn’t showing anything unusual. No errors or otherwise. It does stop output though at that point. I also checked the network tab in the dev tools. At one point I did see a protocol listed as pending but that wasn’t consistent either. A colleague told that in previous versions of IE would get a Can’t decode audio error when there was around 40+ files in memory. Not sure if that persists in IE11.