I am ready to sponsor for any developer interested in developing *RUST* target for haxe. Kindly reply

I am just an individual user of haxe for my personal pet projects, I am not a company etc.

I would humbly like to offer money for development of haxe/rust target out of my personal savings. If anybody is interested kindly tell

  • the amount expected
  • and timeline in which he will implement it.
  • his email id to discuss further details if finalized

s1) it should support full library implementation of haxe version 4.2.5 or later.

s2) it should support rust language versiion 1.67 or later

s3) the person should release haxe/rust full code in dual licenses - MIT and Apache 2.0 license both.
(Note that rustlang has dual license MIT and Apache2.0 license. And haxe library also has MIT license.)

s4) He should support bugs filed for 6 months.

m1) Some may ask , if haxe/C++ or haxe/hashlink target is already there, then why haxe/rust target is needed?
The answer is that: I have lots of personal libraries written in haxe language. These days I want to move to rust platform , so I will want to use my haxe libraries with my main program driver written in rust. For this I do not want to write wrapper codes for interfacing hashlink and rust etc.

m2)Many exiciting third-party rust projects have option of writing rust plugins. I would like to use my haxe libraries to write rust plugins for those rust projects.

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It seems impossible to do this, you might need to hire someone to rewrite your libraries from scratch using rust

For a source to source compiler? You’re almost certainly better off hiring someone to port them, or calling Haxe/C++ somehow from Rust. But I guess I could do $1k USD per week, approximately finish in 1.5 - 2 months.

Though, I’d urge you to check out my GC-Free C++ Haxe target project. I’m trying to make an alternative C++ target that generates much simpler, GC-less, dependent-less C++ code which should work way better with something like cxx for Rust (which apparently has support for std::shared_ptrs, the primary form of memory management in my project). I only started developing it recently, so no idea when it’ll be complete, but mostly functioning version should be up on haxelib soon?