Hscript with classes, aka "hscript-ex"

So in my never ending pursuit to procrastinate, in a looooooong meeting one day, i added classes to hscript :slight_smile:

They arent particularly clever, but they are functional, you can extend from haxe classes (and hscript “classes”), i dont really have a need for this to be honest, but i thought it might be kinda cool to try, especially once i found that hscript already processed modules / classes, so its just a matter of using them.

As i mentioned, i dont really have a specific need for them, and script classes will not feature in haxeui (directly at least) but i thought maybe someone might have some fun with them too, so heres the repo: GitHub - ianharrigan/hscript-ex

Speaking of fun, in the repo there is a very boring “plugin” system to show how useful hscript classes might be (keep in mind these “plugins” will work on all haxe platforms, not a js module, or a java jar, etc). So with that in mind i decided to see how far i could take this type of plugin system, so created a very straight forward windowing and “application” framework in haxeui (about 1-1.5k LoC), then plugged in some hscript classes to see how it all fared - it worked out far too well!

So maybe this lib might be useful after all! Regardless, it was fun to develop (the windowing system and the hscript-ex itself) and maybe, just maybe, someone might get some actual use out of it.



Forgot to add the obligatory gif of it the script classes in action (its from an older version, styled differently, but the concept is the same):


thank you for share this .it’s useful for me!

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It would be better if support static function call ! :grinning: