How to use haxe_ver with compiler conditional to exclude nightly builds

There are some changes in the current haxe nightly builds regarding null safety, I am now wondering how I can use compiler conditionals to specify that an annotation should only be applied if the haxe version is 4.3.0 or lower but exclude the current nightly builds.

I tried:

#if (haxe_ver <= 4.300) @:nullSafety(Off) #end
final foo = ...


#if (haxe_ver <= 4.3) @:nullSafety(Off) #end
final foo = ...

But this will also match the current nightly builds.

Well hmm… we forgot to set the version back to nightly versions after 4.3…

We still need to fix a weird issue with CI but next nightlies will have version 5.0.0-alpha.1+xxxxxx

Ok, thanks!