How to set compiler to haxedevelop?

Hello there, i used to use flashdevelop with haxe in my last job, but unfortunally i’m having a bad time setting my enviromente, i downloaded and installed haxe and haxedevelop but i have no options of compiler neither on debug or release! Haxe develop site said in the first run a compiler donwload option would appear but it didnt.

Can someone help me set my enviroment?


Did you create a project from a template? (what template?)
Do you want to use a hxml file for compilation?

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I want to make a simple html5 game using haxe!

How do i do it?

Oh my, that’s a tricky question - do you know what game engine you want to use?

  • 2D/3D? Vanilla JS canvas without engine?
  • HTML5-only engine like Pixi JS? Higher level HTML5 engine like Phaser JS?
  • Haxe engine with HTML5 target? Low-level like OpenFl? Higher level like HaxelFlixel, HaxePunk…

Explore here: Games - Haxe - The Cross-platform Toolkit and maybe try the respective sample projects.

THEN we can discuss how to use HaxeDevelop :smiley:

I guess we were using openfl and lime! And programing in haxe language and then targeting to html5, but it was given the option to target flash aswell and windows!! Can you help me?

Oh i just got it i followed these steps:

Thank you very much