How to render SWF with Haxe

My goal is to parse and render SWFs using Haxe. Does OpenFL have support for this? To what extent?

Which is the latest SWF library?

And are those libs for OpenFL and Flash or just OpenFL?

You’ll have better OpenFL support on their Discord forum.
From what I remember it does have very basic SWF rendering capabilities.

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I think the swf library has been merged into OpenFL core at some point, which is why it hasn’t received an update on Haxelib in two years (and the openfl/swf repo on GitHub doesn’t exist anymore).

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NME or OpenFL provide the same swf ( or very similar support ).
There are samples in both OpenFL and NME that use swf format. I would also take a look at haxefoundation/format/swf as it’s the basis of this, and also look at
I have a simple example of using a swfs in OpenFL
Sorry it’s cs3 flash swf’s.
You can see animating on the link, you may need to reload to get it to run well.