How to modify or create a template?

How to modify or create a template, I would like to add the date. ex: $(Date) ??
Also, is there somewhere a list of possible tags (variables) with their explanations
To modify this template:

package $(Package);

$(CBI)* ...

$(CBI)* @author $(DefaultUser)
class $(FileName)$(Template) $(CSLB){

	public function new() $(CSLB){

Looks like you are using HaxeDevelop. I think you are looking for this:

Hello @mark.knol, yes, exactly ! That’s wonderful! Too bad there is no Date variable … But I’ll see if I can’t make a macro with the timeStamp, or see if I can create a new variable … at worst write it myself in hard, but automatic would have been great. I know, there is the recording of the file itself which has a date, but that does not give me the date of creation. Thanks for your help :wink:

Not sure what you want to achieve, but I wouldn’t put dates in the template. Its kinda hard to manage once stuff changes. Nowadays most people use versioning systems like git, and they just keep track of every change with exact timestamps.

It is true that I have never used github, but if I had used it, I would not have lost the sum of AS3 code that I lost when losing an HDD. Too bad, that’s life. When the date is just for personal info, the project directory also gives it to me. Today I think of a small NAS or Cloud, Github is free I think … we have to see if it is as easy to use as DropBox for example … I’ll take a look, thanks for the idea.