How to install haxe for Flash, JavaScript, HashLink or C++?

Hi All!

Do you have experience with using Haxe with Flash, JavaScript, HashLink or C++?

Then as experts in your respective platforms, I need your help in building these guides!

Please reply with info on how you setup your platform, your OS, and any other steps that were needed to get a Haxe app for platform X compiling and running.


PS: Guides that are already created thanks to your help:

JavaScript is somewhat similar to Python.
JavaScript support is included as part of current 3.x and new 4.0 Haxe versions.

Suggest you use Python as example and then change to JS stuff.
No need to actually download a separate JS language interpreter/compiler as already part of various Browser(s) or on server platforms using Node.js

The more exciting part of JS is describing effective running and debug approaches.
Like recommending a Browser with useful debug features.
I use Firefox because Chrome is too heavy weight on my old laptop.

Sorry I can’t give better details but my JS experience is limited to what I could hack together for a somewhat messy Web Worker that is 95% of the 4GL application. And I am quite a JS/CSS/HTML newbie compared to most of you AND no experience with JS on a server :smiley:

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C++ is similar to C#

Both should describe a little about using Debug and Release builds.

Suggest you use C# as a starting point.

Need to download / install a C++ compiler
for Windows:
MS Visual Code and C++ compiler
MS Visual Studio 2017 Community Edition (with C++)
LLVM (or Clang)
Others ?

(There was an open source C++ Interpreter that was used by CERN for a while)

Need to download / install hxcpp

Hope this helps!

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Maybe these pages help

@RMax : On Windows, you can use a minimal c++ compiler distribution, which is a matter of just using haxelib, it can be installed with just haxelib install minimingw.


Oh man, and I always install the 40GB MSVS - thanks for the tip!