How to debug jvm target in vscode?

how to debug jvm target in vscode?

I’m trying to debug in vscode , but not work.

-cp src

-D analyzer-optimize

-main Main

--java-lib libs/mysql-connector-java-5.1.5-bin.jar

-lib hxjava

--jvm bin/main.jar


and select java debug target.

This is something I have also been wondering about, is it possible to debug code written in haxe for jvm in vscode?

Unfortunately the answer for now is “not really”. Even though Haxe generates all/most of the required symbol information for debugging in the JAR, the actual interactive debugging support for JVM-based languages requires some support from the debugger extensions (mainly to locate the correct source files) and so far nobody had time and motivation to work on that. Contributions are of course welcome :slight_smile: