How Do I Convert Haxe To Javascript?

i need help because im trying to make a video game but i cant because haxe is undownloadable for me at this time but could someone tell me how to convert it please

and no i actually do mean haxe to javascript since i cant code in haxe right now

You can always manually port the code. The automated process of converting Haxe to JavaScript is to run the Haxe compiler to target JavaScript.

If you can’t install Haxe for whatever reason, there’s a whole bunch of options of setting up Haxe in a cloud environment, of which GitHub code spaces is probably the most fully featured one.

Also you can use for compiling small projects

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github doesnt give me access to codespaces they say its pending

burh i only make big projects

What’s actually preventing you from downloading haxe? Maybe that can be fixed somehow.

everytime i try to open it theres UI that says Haxe.4.2.3-win64.exe cannot be opened

either you are on a 32bit PC or you have some problem with anti-virus software. Try the 32 bit installer

it still says the same thing i dont think it works for me at all

Have you tried an older version of Haxe, say 4.1?