How build exe files from haxe code?

I am new to haxe. I would like to know how to build exe file from haxe code. In order to make an exe file, which type of project do i need to select ? Now, only neko projects are running in my system, cpp projects are showing some errors. ( I have installed cpp library)

Hi, Vinod,

I’m fairly new as well, and am using Haxe on GNU/Linux. You don’t say which OS you’re using, but since you mention “exe”, perhaps it’s MS Windows?

Are you using a particular IDE, or are you manually building with a .hxml file on the command line?

If you’re looking to build a binary executable, I believe the C++ target is the way to go, and it sounds like you might already be on that track. On Debian GNU/Linux this means installing the build-essential package so as to have the usual prerequisite compiler tools (GCC, g++, make, etc.), and then using Haxe’s haxelib command to install hxcpp.

You can make executables out of neko-compiled files like this:

nekotools boot file.n

this command will create file.exe.
However, cpp target (as described by @uvtc) produces much more performant executables than neko.