Help with some code for FNF

Hey guys! I’m a solo dev working a a Mac port of Friday Night Funkin (I have nothing to do with the main dev). I encountered an error after compiling requiring me to change some lines of code, and even though I’ve never used Haxe or HaxeFlixel before, I’m close to getting it done. I just need some help with this last few lines of code:


I get an error saying

haxe.display.Response is not a value
For function argument 'handler’diagnostics(2)
How do i fix this?
If you have any questions, or want to see the code, just let me know!

I assume this is coming from this line? That error is a bit strange, but what stands out is that Response is resolved to a Haxe type rather than the Newgrounds API type. Some questions/things to try:

  • Does it work if you change the type there to the fully qualified path: function(<GetCurrentVersionResult>) ... ?
  • Is the Newgrounds API available to Haxe? Is it added to the project with -lib or similar?
  • Have you added any imports to your project?

Ok, the reason why its from haxe is because when compiling and with newgrounds api it has an error about not having proper app id, so I asked for help and was told the best course of action was to delete that original newgrounds api line. I have lime and flixel installed as extensions, and I have no other import besides the original code. (and the one the error is coming from.)