Help with pre-serialize and DCE full

I have a project that pre-packages some data at compile time via haxe.Serializer. This works with --dce std but --dce full removes the classes if they aren’t directly referenced, and also any custom hxUnserialize methods are lost which breaks the Unserializer.

I understand why this happens, but I’m struggling to convince the compiler to hold on to what I need without having to modify code in all the libraries used.

I have tried things like --macro keep('', ['htmlparser'], true) in the build, but it doesn’t appear to be working. Has anyone out there run into this already and is there a clean solution?

The bare-bones system looks like this:

import htmlparser.*;
import haxe.*;

class MainTest {
	static function main() {
        var s = $v{PreSerialize.serializeHtml("<p>serialized</p>")};
		var n2:Array<HtmlNode> =;

class PreSerialize {
    macro public static inline function serializeHtml(html:String):haxe.macro.Expr {
        haxe.Serializer.USE_CACHE = true;
        return macro $v{};