Help to install haxe4 on linux!


(For Linux-mint or Ubuntu ) It is Haxe 3… on the repository.

Where can I find help to install Haxe on Linux ?

(I downloaded the 64b binary but I don’t know how to install it on GNU-Linux !)

p.s. I’d like to try Haxe !!! :slight_smile:

The Ubuntu PPA has Haxe 4.0.2 packages.
Did you perfom the steps described in Haxe - The Cross-platform Toolkit?

Hi EricRG,

To install the Haxe 4 binaries locally on GNU/Linux I wrote up some instructions: Getting started with Haxe . I’m on Debian, but it’s only a few steps and I don’t think anything there is particularly Debian-specific.

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I tried, but somehow I ended up with haxelib installed and haxe not installed. Was I not supposed to add ~/opt to the path?