Haxelib run openfl setup; install to somewhere in home directory instead?

After “haxelib install openfl”, when I ran “haxelib run openfl setup” it helpfully asked me if I’d like to install the openfl command. I said yes, but on Debian Testing by default I don’t use sudo and so it failed (but then it also helpfully showed me the commands I could do manually to install the lime and openfl programs, which was nice). I ended up copying them to my ~/bin.

I really like that, by default, haxelib installs packages into ~/haxelib (rather than, say, somewhere in /usr/local). Is there a way to have haxelib do its program installs (like the lime and openfl commands, after running “haxelib run openfl setup”) into somewhere like ~/opt (or ~/opt/bin, or ~/bin), rather than needing sudo access to install under /usr/local?

That’s not a feature of haxelib itself but one of the available commands of the openfl command line tool.
So that’d be a request you’d have to do at openfl’s forum or github.

Ok. Thanks, Valentin.