Haxelib from Linux 64-bit Binaries is missing

I downloaded the latest Linux 64-bit binaries from

Running haxe works great but haxelib fails with:

./haxelib: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

This was apparently reported back in 2014 as #3662. @ncannasse suggestion to add an install script apparently hasn’t been realized (there isn’t any in the latest release). The issue was then closed in favor of #75 to add manual installation instructions, but this issue has apparently been closed without being implemented :confused: doesn’t have any manual installation instructions.

Normally I would open a GitHub issue for this but seeing that there already were two opened for this in 2014 without apparently ever being acted upon I am hesitant.

Edit: I managed to get it running by installing the neko package from my distribution … I still think that this should be better documented.

Further thinking on this I don’t actually think that website instructions are the way to go. I think instead the Linux binaries archive should come with a README.txt or something like that telling you how to install it.

If somebody tells me how these binary archives are generated (is there some script?), I can try making a PR for such a README.

Edit: I figured out that the archive is apparently generated by this script. I guess adapting that to include platform-specific files might be a bit tricky.