Haxelib admin questions

Hi All,

So i have a few questions wrt to managing haxelibs that im hoping someone here might be able to answer:

Firstly, id like to rename an existing haxelib, namely, haxeui to haxeui-legacy (and archive the GH repo as it seem to cause confusion - GitHub - ianharrigan/haxeui: IMPORTANT NOTE! This repository is no longer maintained. Please consider the newer version: https://github.com/haxeui/haxeui-core - big warnings seem to have litte effect!)… I guess i could rename the the repo before archiving and then resubmit to haxelib with a new haxeui-legacy name, but i would still then need to know how i can delete a haxelib? So basically, how do i rename, or delete an existing haxelib.

Secondly, how can i reset a password for a haxelib user? I created a haxeui haxelib user a while back and the password was generated (so no way to remember it) and stored in a text file on my computer - then i had an SSD failure so ive lost that password. Whats the procedure for resetting it?


For lib removal, see Be able to remove haxelib project · Issue #168 · HaxeFoundation/haxelib · GitHub. In short, we generally don’t do it.

For password reset, email me (andy@onthewings.net) the md5 hash of your new password, using the email address associated with your haxelib account.

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Thanks Andy - email sent - no rush at all, thought it might take longer so figured id ask before i actually wanted to publish using haxeui user. :slight_smile:

As for the deletion, what about renaming? Or what is the general advice in situations like this (as i mentioned it causes confusion)… ideally, renaming it to haxeui-legacy would be the best course of action.

Thanks again for the quick response!


I guess for the case of haxeui, the notice is just not clear enough. At least for me, I didn’t find the notice because I expected it to be in the README, but it’s only located in the GitHub repo summary on the top.

To make it absolutely clear, you can commit a change that removes everything from the old GitHub repo, and the only remaining files are 1. a README with a single-line deprecation notice, and 2. a haxelib json with a version bump with the same deprecation notice. And publish this empty new version to haxelib.

It would allow people who used haxeui 1 to continue find it. They just have to pin to the previous working version. People can also find the old commits from the GitHub.

Here is one example of how homebrew did it: https://github.com/Homebrew/homebrew-science

Sorry for the intrusion, but I’d still gpg-encrypt it (with a strong password, passed via another secure channel, or public key) even if it’s hashed as md5 hashes are not inherently an encryption method, but maybe I’m too paranoid :slight_smile:

@ianharrigan I really recommend LastPass, I use it on all my devices (so, excellent cross-platform support!) and never ever lost or had to care about passwords anymore. It also generates strong passwords for you, painlessly. Excellent UX as well (improved a lot throughout the last year) and excellent value for the money.