Haxecord Discord Server

Hello everyone!

I (very) recently started using Haxe, and was looking around for a Discord server where i could talk about it, ask for help, or simply discuss things with other Haxe devs. But unfortunately, i didn’t find such a server. All i found was a Haxeflixel specific Discord server, which wasn’t what i wanted. I want a place where people using Haxe, no matter which framework or API, can come talk to each other.

And so i decided to make my own server, and hope to see you all there soon!
It’s open to everyone and is centered around Haxe and it’s ecosystem (including Kha, OpenFL, etc.)!
Here’s the invite link: [click me!]

Thanks for your time and I hope to see you soon!

- Max.


you can find active OpenFL Discord server here : https://discord.gg/tDgq8EE

and here’s the thread for more information : http://community.openfl.org/t/new-openfl-community-chat-available-smile/7775/27

Thanks for the link, but i’m not looking for a specific framework, just a server where everything around Haxe can be discussed. And as far as i know, such as server didn’t exist before i made one.

So, feel free to join!

  • Max.

Hey Max! It’s been about one year since you made this post and it looks like the invite has expired. Do you still have a Discord? In any event, thanks!

If you’re looking for a haxe discord server, the haxeflixel one mentioned in the first post was changed into a general haxe server, you can join here.

Oh sweet, thanks @ibilon ! Do you guys see much activity on the forum or would the Discord be more eventful?

In any event, thanks! :+1: :point_up:

Discord has more activity, but discord and the forum don’t have the same goals,
discord is great for quick exchanges, but if nobody connected has an answer then something like the forum makes more sense.