Haxe.zip is not supported on Python

I am using haxe.zip.Tool.compress method in a Haxe 4.0.2 application that I want to export to Python, but it throws an exception saying “Not implemented for this platform”. When exporting to Java, Node or PHP it works fine.

By checking the Github repository, the path /haxe/std/python/_std/haxe does not contain a zip folder with the class implementations, something that is available on other platforms. The problem is that the documentation indicates that haxe.zip.Tools is available on all platforms, so this looks like a bug.

there are lot’s of feature not support python or php,maybe it’s not a bug,

like Thread, sqlite,MySQL …

may be you need to add external native’s interface to implements.

BTW.what’s the roadmap of python it’s not clearly

Thanks. No big deal, I’ll use a native library then, just as I did for Http requests (Python exported code does not work well with https).