Haxe => WebGL

Testing Haxe to WEbGL2. But, getting the following error:
Type not found : js.webgl2.CanvasHelpers

I’m running the stable version of Haxe 3.x.x

We can’t do much if you don’t specify which library you use and what you are trying to do (haxe file and build file).

Seeing the type I think you might be using webgl2 (1.2.0)? Did you add the -lib webgl2?

:blush: My bad. I’ve forgotten to add the -lib webgl2.

My aim is testing out features of Haxe.

My next challenge is to add text.

This library doesn’t give you more feature that you would get in webgl in js, so text will not be trivial.

You seem to be trying several libraries (all of them only work for the js target btw which might be important to you), what are you trying to build? Knowing that might help us in recommending a library.

At the moment I’m learning about Haxe.

I’m reading pdf/ebooks and the Haxe language. I’m experimenting to see how easy to write simple Haxe code and output it to the web. I came across following framework and seen great examples/demo.

Simple javascript with HTML - works
emscripten - works
webGL - works
Babylon.js - works
Three.js - Still having issues.

My final aim is to write a simple 2D game ( which may have text in it) in Haxe and output to the web.

I have heard about Lime, openFL etc. But, I want to learn the basic of Haxe before moving onto other frameworks.