Haxe Toolkit Support 1.4.0 released (supports Intellij 2023)


Just want to let people know I have made a release of the haxe intellij plugin and it is now available on Jetbrains marketplace. (you no longer need to install it manually from github)

Current release works with:
Intellij community / ultimate 2022.3.1 → 2023.2 (eap)
Android Studio Giraffe (RC1) → Android Studio hedgehog (canary 9)

Note that some of the more modern features of haxe as still missing/unsupported, for instance abstract classes


Thanks for all the feedback and bug reports, there has been quite a lot of fixes and improvements since the initial release (1.4.0) I have published a few new releases on the marketplace so it can be beneficial to check for updates. there’s also some yet to be released changes available as beta builds if you want to be bleeding edge, check out github for the latest betas (as of writing 1.4.3 beta 2 is the latest)

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Version 1.4.5 is now live on github and jetbrains marketplace.


Oh. My!!! Thank you so much! Been waiting for this one since… don’t know, 3 years ago :smiley: . So happy it’s here. Although I like editing in VS Code, refactoring support there is still behind IJ. They made progress but there are still issues with my setup as I load multiple projects in the same workspace. Thank you so much!!! Do I repeat myself? That’s because I’m HAPPY.

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Ah, nevermind. It doesn’t work :frowning: It’s stuck indexing with 1 thread at 100% forever. I removed the affected module from the project, and it got stuck at the next.