Haxe syntax highlighting for gitlab

Just noticed that .hx files on gitlab don’t appear to be syntax highlighted.

Poking around, it looks like gitlab uses the Rouge library for syntax highlighting.

Found this Rouge issue about adding Haxe support. Looks like it may involve porting over a pygments lexer.

I haven’t touched any Ruby in quite some time. I posted a comment to the rouge issue. If anyone has any experience with rouge, or porting a pygments lexer to rouge, might be useful if you popped over and commented on the rouge issue. Would be nice for gitlab to syntax-highlight Haxe code!

There’s a PR with small whitespace issues (I forgot to make another PR against this PR), but I am not sure it is really correct either (seeing === and !== there seems strange, and I don’t think it handles new syntax from haxe 4).

At least this should provide a good starting point to have haxe highlighting (if not perfect) in gitlab.

Oooh! Thanks, Rudy!

What is the PR is stuck on? Looks like you changed the whitespace as requested…

Was the build failure was related to something else entirely?