Haxe survey

(Valentin Lemière) #1

Help improve Haxe. Fill out the user survey and let us know a little bit about you, thanks!

(Michael Solomon) #2

Will you publish the survey statistics?

(Phil Chertok) #3

Yes we do plan to share some of the results.

(Philippe) #4

I find the personal question about OS/mobile/salary out of place. It would have been more relevant to ask the primary OS(es) and IDE(s) of devs of the organisation.

(Phil Chertok) #5

All questions are optional and the salary question also offers an opt out. We’re open to improving the survey from enough user feedback. Learning more about the organizations is a good idea as well.

(Marcelo Serpa) #6

When would we get the results of the survey? I’m eager to know the Haxe landscape a bit better and what actions the foundation plans to take :slight_smile:

(Jeff Ward) #7

Thanks for bumping, I just took the survey. :+1:

(Marcelo Serpa) #8

@ibilon Can we pin it to the top?

(Phil Chertok) #9

I want to continue to gather results for a while so that we have a good amount of data. We’ve already gotten more respondents than the last survey. Also I want to make sure there’s a good write up about the findings so it will be a few more weeks I believe.

(Phil Chertok) pinned #10

(Flashultra) #11

Is there any results of the survey ? I was part of that survey and as it was announce there was a plan to share some of the results. Is something change ?

(Marcelo Serpa) #12

Could the Haxe Foundation put some effor/pressure here? I would love to see the results of the survey, I’m sure other people would to. It’d be a very nice snapshot of the state of things (albeit a bit outdated already).