Haxe survey

Help improve Haxe. Fill out the user survey and let us know a little bit about you, thanks!

Will you publish the survey statistics?

Yes we do plan to share some of the results.

I find the personal question about OS/mobile/salary out of place. It would have been more relevant to ask the primary OS(es) and IDE(s) of devs of the organisation.

All questions are optional and the salary question also offers an opt out. We’re open to improving the survey from enough user feedback. Learning more about the organizations is a good idea as well.

When would we get the results of the survey? I’m eager to know the Haxe landscape a bit better and what actions the foundation plans to take :slight_smile:

Thanks for bumping, I just took the survey. :+1:

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@ibilon Can we pin it to the top?

I want to continue to gather results for a while so that we have a good amount of data. We’ve already gotten more respondents than the last survey. Also I want to make sure there’s a good write up about the findings so it will be a few more weeks I believe.

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Is there any results of the survey ? I was part of that survey and as it was announce there was a plan to share some of the results. Is something change ?

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Could the Haxe Foundation put some effor/pressure here? I would love to see the results of the survey, I’m sure other people would to. It’d be a very nice snapshot of the state of things (albeit a bit outdated already).