Haxe survey 2019 - open results

Hey all,
Last year here was survey for all haxier , but still not see any published results.

So for that reason I create new one ( with almost same questions ) , but with open results i.e. you can check results after complete survey

If you a curious about current state of Haxe, you can fill out survey here :


Here is shared results in xls table for the moment:

Just add also Haxe result graphic representation here :

Nice initiative ! Php target seem to be missing as answer to "Which Haxe targets do you use ? ", or is it added using “Do you looking for other target” field ?

Sorry, my mistake . Just add PHP.
Thank you.

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Here is graphic representation :


The first question should be checkboxes—I use Haxe for hobby and professional.

It’s pity the 2018 survey’s results were never released. I think it should have been open as well, true to the spirit of open-source. Anyway, thanks for setting this up!

Why do you bring this up everywhere? Do you think that actually improves anything?

Anyway, the 2018 results will be released still. I realize it’s a bit embarrassing at this point and I’m not gonna start making excuses for the ridiculous delay, but it is what it is.

The intention is not to “bring this everywhere”, so sorry if that appears like so. (Also this is a relevant and related post). I’m (was) genuinely interested in the results. It was an initiative from the Haxe Foundation, and we never got any feedback on why it was never released.

Do you think that actually improves anything?

Well, I was looking for an official position from the HF. I never got one. I guess I just got one now from you :slight_smile:

I’m planning to publish results in a separate topic in the next days, so if someone still wants to participate it, here is survey:
Haxe Survey