Haxe solution for WebXR

I am doing a bit of reading about WebXR, the successor to WebVR, and I’m wondering what tools a Haxe developer should start with to get into it. I am aware of externs/libraries which allow Haxe to link to BabylonJS, Three.js, and Unity, which are all recommended engines for WebXR. As a Haxe user I would want to cover as many targets as possible, so ending up on Babylon Native or Unity seem to be possible scenarios. I currently have my head in Away3D but that engine and community seems to be stalled, splintered, and/or abandoned depending on where you look. Are there more Haxe-based solutions which are better candidates now or in the future? Are Armory or Heaps anywhere close? Anything else brewing out there?

I’ve done web+native VR in the past (2016) by targeting three.js and using some V8 native-bindings to pass-through to OpenGL so you have a slim native app. Performance was good enough for our use case

I’d probably do the same today in a pinch, although to save time today I’d just use something like chromium window for native and then switch to something slimmer if performance required it

I have a cross-platform haxe graphics engine brewing but will likely have to wait to 2021 before open sourcing it

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Armory and Kha support WebVR but I’m not sure anyone did anything with it recently so it probably degressed a little. Updating that to WebXR shouldn’t be hard but I’m too lazy to calibrate the headset again - please send pull-requests.