Haxe on Apple Silicon?

Curious about Apple Silicone machines. Is someone using Haxe any of those?
I guess that the compiler and all the tools have to be run through Rosetta for now, right?
What are the pitfalls to expect?

Best! / Jonas


Couldn’t yet test it myself but Kha works fine last I heard and even activates Neon extensions. Haven’t yet heard of any pitfalls.


Thank you, Robert! Just ordered one, will keep you informed.

Ordered one last month but Apple is a bit slow.

I’ve worked on this. Haxe and Neko now run natively on m1 Apple Silicon Macs when installed through Homebrew (provided you’re using an m1 build of which should be recognisable by it being installed by default to /opt/homebrew instead of the x86_64 default install location of /usr/local.

If you want to build it yourself, you need to install Neko first, which requires the patches from PR#224 and PR#225. For Haxe itself, once you’ve built and installed Neko, the required changes are already in the main branch so you can clone and compile the development branch without any further patching.


have you had issues compiling games with haxeflixel?

I haven’t tried using haxeflixel, though it might have issues with the architecture differences between arm64 and x86_64?