Haxe mentioned on ReasonML doc intro

(Benjamin Dubois) #1

Just to notice that Haxe has been mentioned in the Reason doc intro

(Jason O'neil) #2

Nice! Reason is a nice language and out of the compile-to-JS languages I find it one of the most conceptually similar to Haxe, at least out of those I’ve tried (though I haven’t done that much with Reason, just Hello World type stuff)

I touched on comparing Haxe to Elm and Reason in my talk at Hong Kong Open Source Conf earlier this year

(Benjamin Dubois) #3

You should allow community translation on the video cause the sound is not clean and google generated subtitle are just bad.

(Adrian V) #4

yes Reason is much easier to read and understand than ocaml. When I try to read ocaml code I always let it convert to reason :slight_smile: Its one of the examples to show that syntax matters.