So ive just created a maven plugin that uses lix. This basically takes .hx files and turns them into something that can later be incorporated into the rest of the build (a maven only build ofc).

The main reason for creating this (as half explained in the readme) is there is some low hanging JS fruit i would like to replace with Haxe for one of my corporate clients. Their build system is purely maven based and there is no way I could start adding files to that that were generated on a dev machine (ie, Haxe → Js, then add them to git - thats a no no). So in order for them to even “dip their toe” in the water its essential that they can install all haxe dependencies (including haxe itself) from a totally blank machine (for example CI builds).

I played with this about a year ago and go no where fast, but recently because of “lix” its totally possible! Anyways, i thought i would release it in case anyone else might find it useful.

Note, its not only for JS…