Haxe LSP in Helix

How should I be invoking this? is --display build.hxml correct?

file-types = ["hx"]
roots = ["*.hxml"]
diagnostic-severity = "Hint"
indent = { tab-width = 2, unit = "  " }
language-server = { command = "haxe", args = ["--display","build.hxml"] }
2023-05-26T12:09:58.225 helix_lsp::transport [ERROR] err <- "Error: Could not process argument src/main/haxe\n"
2023-05-26T12:09:58.225 helix_lsp::transport [ERROR] err <- "Invalid character: /\n"

languageserver comes as a Javascript file, it’s not just calling Haxe compiler with some parameters. that’s why you were unsuccessful in getting it to work.

please follow the steps outlined here: GitHub - vshaxe/haxe-language-server: Language Server Protocol implementation for the Haxe language to build said JS file and adapt Neovim/Kate configuration to your editor/IDE. once you have a working config feel free to open a PR to add a section to README.md for Helix.

gotcha, I thought it was implemented in the Haxe compiler, thankyou.

I also thought it was built into the compiler, since the LSP is entirely built in haxe

The server translates the calls from LSP to the Haxe --display api, I think