haxe.io.UInt16Array doesn't seem to exist? (macOS)

I’ve been using Haxe for a while on my windows PC and I’ve been making great use out of the UInt[8,16,32]Array types. However when I tried to compile the program on macOS I got an error telling me that tileData = new UInt16Array(width*height); is impossible.
I know its possible because I’ve been using it on Windows, and in the API docs it says that this is how the UInt16Arrays work.
I right-clicked and selected peek definition and was taken to a blank class definition with an empty constructor.
As a test I tried using the UInt8Array on my Mac and that worked fine and when I selected peek definition I was taken to a fully formed class file.

Since then I’ve re-installed Haxe and have been met with the same issue and I’ve got no idea why this file is missing or what the best way to fix it is. I’m also not sure how many other files are missing since I’ve only been using a small part of the standard library so far.

If it helps, I’m using Kode Studio for development with Haxe/Kha.

What exactly is the error you are getting?

Are you using the same version of kode studio on both computers?

I’m using the same version on both computers, its the latest available on GitHub.
Since writing that post I’ve re-installed KodeStudio and the error changed slightly though I’m sure its still linked to the same problem.

Haxe language server started with Kha at /Applications/Kode Studio.app/Contents/Resources/app/extensions/kha/Kha
Initializing completion cache...
Failed - try fixing the error(s) and restarting the language server:

{project-path}/Sources/Main.hx:3: characters 7-17 : Type not found : kha.System

i’ve replaced the full path of the error with {project-path}

Seems like the language server isn’t working correctly.
I’ve tried using VSCode with the haxe extension and the editor gets hung up on
Haxe: building cache
after loading up the project. I’m pretty sure it also gave a similar language server error. Though I’ll have to check that again.

After re-opening in vsCode with the haxe extensions I got a new error and a popup dialog stating Unable to build cache - completion features may be slower than expected. Try fixing the error(s) and restarting the language server.

edit: peek-definition is now actually showing the real class definition for the UInt16Array and doesn’t seem to be giving me any errors, but that might just be because the language server isn’t working.

If the error is that it can’t find kha there’s something wrong with the configuration, I’d suggest opening an issue on kha studio’s github.

After spending some time trying to get VSCode to work properly I’m pretty sure its just that the Kha extensions don’t work on my version of macOS anymore. (10.11) The HTML5 debugger crashes on launch, however the haxe language server is working fine now. For now I’ll stick to developing my Kha-related stuff on windows, but I’ll definitely file a bug report to the Kha devs.