haxe.Http through haxe.remoting.HttpAsyncConnection

Hej all,

I know that haxe.remoting is deprecated but has anyone experimented something similar :
When I call haxe.Http on an url from my server I get status 200 and data and bytes are well populated.
When I do exactly the same call but through haxe.remoting, I mean , from my client, I call exactly the same function on the server that I used and worked fine, I get status 200 but data and bytes are empty ?

I know it’s a bit late here for me and maybe I’m tired, but It drives me crazy, if someone has tips I’ll be really thankful.

PS : Php7 and javascript

There must be something with haxe.Http or haxe.remoting because a simple ajax call using js.html.XMLHttpRequest does work…

And it’s more about haxe.Http, since when I throw inside, I get well headers but can’t get content

Ok, now I see. It’s more about myself going on holidays, having a rest :joy:
All is working fine.
How can we delete post like that ? It’s a shame, well done for myself ! :joy:

Have good day !