Haxe/Haxelib import problem


Environment Linux Mint 20, Haxe 4.1.4, Haxelib with hxnew, hxargs and format installed.

Haxe, haxelib (all local on PC) appear to be installed OK. I can compile and run haxe → neko OK.

However when I try and import from a haxelib library there are errors!!!

For example “format.png.Data.Color.*” fails with “Type not found : format.png.Data”.

A “haxelib list” shows “format: [3.5.0]”

The import “format.png.Data.Color.*” works correctly on “try.haxe.org”.

So what is wrong with my haxe/haxelib setup/configuration???

Any help, debug steps, appreciated, Ian.

Hello, Ian, and welcome to the community :).

Silly question perhaps but did you specify the --library your_library_name in the build command or build.hxml?

Could you please post the command you’re running to build the project? And build.hxml if you use one.

Thank you for your response.

The not so silly answer is NO. That looks like the missing link.
I have trawled through numerous webpages, library install prose and seen the odd reference to the use of --library but I could never get the context and/or the usage sorted.

So from your response I presume that a build/compile command such as haxe --neko main.n --main Main should have a “–library format” appended.
I will chase further… Thanks again, Ian

The following “haxe --neko main.n --main Main --library format” builds/compiles clean with no “import” related errors…

Thanks again for your help, Ian

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Yay! Happy it was an easy one :slight_smile: . Keep Haxing :wink: