Haxe Compiler Flag "neko-source"

Hi, I see from the documentation that there is a Global Compiler Flag " neko-source" - which is used to “Output neko source instead of bytecode”. Being a newbie, I don’t know how to use a “Global Compiler Flag”. When I try to use “–neko-source” as a compiler argument, as some suggest, I get this message: “unknown option ‘–neko-source’.”

I sure could use some help here generating the neko source-code to look at.

haxe -m YourClass -neko YourApp.n -D neko-source

YourClass is your main Haxe application class (YourClass.hx file), YourApp.n is the generated neko binary, and using the -D neko-source compiler flag a YourApp.neko source file will be generated right next to the binary

Thank you! I’ll give it a go!