Haxe Books?


I am searching for Haxe Books - are there any available ?


There is a couple of books for haxe 2 and a more recent one using haxe 3 but for learning haxeflixel.
As far as I know these are the only haxe books.

But if you are looking to learn haxe and not programming the manual is a really good resource.


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I think that HaxeFlixel book might be a bit outdated by now as well. There’s a more recent E-Book:


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Thank you guy’s.

it looks like , the manual is the only thing to read again and again :smiley:

i like the haXe 2 Beginner’s Guide , i know it is out dated but topics like Communication Between haXe Programs are the one i am really interested to read.

Haxe Game Development Essentials i think most of the things in it are already available in the form of Demos may be i can be wrong but again it’s 2018 :smiley:

Dont forget the code cook"book"