Haxe auto formatter


(Stéphane Le Dorze) #1

Is there any available ‘prettier like’ solution for Haxe? Either available as stand alone or in an IDE.


(david mouton) #2

Something like that ?

(Marcelo Serpa) #3

Elm has a nice auto-formatter included out-of-the-box. Not saying it should be included in the compiler, but it’d be nice to have an IDE-independent formatter for Haxe.

(Valentin Lemière) #4

There is, but afaik it’s not finished.

(Stéphane Le Dorze) #5

Thanks all for the answers

(Jason O'neil) #6

I’ve been working on building the haxe-formatter repo into a VSCode extension. It’s working in debug mode and looks really promising.

PR here: