Haxe as extension/scripting language?

I’d like to add a scripting/extension layer to my existing application. I like Haxe very much and so I thought it would be great to do scripting for my application in Haxe. How do you think is it a good idea? How would you approach this task? I can think of several ways of doing it:

  1. embed Lua engine inside the application and compile Haxe to Lua;
  2. embed HashLink without JIT and compile Haxe to HashLink bytecode;
  3. embed Cppia engine and compile Haxe to Cppia bytecode;
  4. embed Neko VM and compile Haxe to Neko bytecode.

Is any of these ways better than other one? Seems like the easiest way is to embed Lua, as Lua has not the best, but a nice stack-based embedding API, however Haxe compiles to Lua source code and I’d like to be compiling my extensions to some kind of bytecode. Is it possible right now to embed Neko, HashLink or Cppia as I would embed Lua engine for example? Is there any docs on how to do it the best way?

I have no idea which one is better, but another option to consider is embedding some JS engine and use Haxe/JS. State of art engines are very fast nowadays and Haxe JavaScript output is super optimized too.

Hscript is also potentially an option.

I have documented HashLink embedding here : Embedding HashLink · HaxeFoundation/hashlink Wiki · GitHub

Please note that you need JIT to embed HL as there is no bytecode interpreter, only JIT.

I did haxe and lua integration. From all options lua was best for me. Lua compact, easily extendable, can be compiled to practically any platform, has JIT version