Haxe and the App Store

I realize you can release projects in HaxeDevelop so that they can run on iOS devices, but can you compile them so that they can be submitted to the App Store or do you have to do that through xCode?

Haxe can generate objective c, using hxcpp, but that’s as far as it goes (that I know of).

Are you perhaps using openfl? or another library that can target ios.

Yep, OpenFL. I used to use Unity, but do not want to have to entirely re-code my projects.

I don’t know much about openfl and ios, you’ll also have better luck on the openfl forums.
Maybe this post helps Guide for creating iOS and macOS App Store compliant apps - OpenFL Community?

Thanks man, I’ll give it a look.

Quite an important question. Since iOS and Android are possible targets I would like to see them more developed in the docs.