Haxe 4 and unit tests

I used Haxe 3 to write an embedded module of server-side and client-side of my project. The stable version of this module was made about one year ago and I did no changes in that in a year. Today it was necessary to make some changes in it, I installed latest Haxe 4 and faced with not working unit tests. I’ve read that this library was deprecated in Haxe 4. So, what is the best practice of testing Haxe projects now? I need your advice.


haxe.unit package has been moved to hx3compat library
As an alternative you can switch to munit, tink_unittest or utest

Also, no matter which one of those you end up using, if you’re using VSCode you should check out Haxe Test Explorer.


Thank you, I’ll try those.