Haxe 4.3 for Ubuntu on ppa:haxe/releases?

It looks like Haxe 4.2.5 is still the newest version on ppa:haxe/releases. Can it be updated to include Haxe 4.3.1?

@andyli It looks like you usually upload the releases to launchpad.net. Is this something you can still do with Haxe 4.3?

Someone else asked about this over a year ago, and got no official response.

I’ve taken to building from source, though I realize that isn’t viable for CI.

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Off topic: you should really take a look at the lix package manager. It makes it easy to install any version of Haxe (per project!), and will save you this kind of hassle.

(the downside is that it depends on Node.js…)

Thanks for the mention. I’ve replied in PPA outdated · Issue #10676 · HaxeFoundation/haxe · GitHub