Hashlink target with Heaps fails to work on 4.2.X

Latest working version of Haxe I can use for my Heaps/Hashlink projects is 4.1.5. With any newer versions of Haxe, the .hl file it produces (even on a basic new hxd.App) creates a program that, as best as I can explain, does absolutely nothing. Regardless of where I compile it from HaxeDevelop or via the CLI, the program does nothing on boot, and when using HaxeDevelop, I get a terminal that ends on “press any key to continue…”

Screenshot 2021-05-18 12.23.01

Minimum needed to reproduce this is as follows:


import hxd.App;

class Main extends App
	static function main() 
		new Main();
	public function new()

This should create a new window with a black background, using the haxelibs heaps, hlsdl, and hlopenal. On Haxe 4.1.5, this runs as expected, anything newer produces the aforementioned problem of “doing nothing”. Problem does not occur with JavaScript target, C target is unknown because I have never been able to compile a HLC program to begin with.

Try git version of heaps

This worked, thank you.